Scotscalder (Caladal nan Gall) Railway Station


Scotscalder was shaped by the railway arriving in 1874. Further settlements were constructed as the railway allowed businesses to make the most of the generally flat land that was available. It also allowed easy travel to Thurso, Wick and Inverness. The construction of the road, which possibly previously existed as a farm track or pack-horse route, also allowed easy access to the nearby village of Halkirk, where products could be sold locally. Three miles north of Scotscalder, via the B870, is Loch Calder

Passenger Information 

Scotscalder is a request stop with a ‘Press & Ride’ system:  a kiosk with a button for passengers to press at the platform; this will alert the driver about any waiting passengers in advance.

Details can be found on Scotrail’s website

Transport and walking routes in the local area 

  • Cycle/Hike to Dorrery and take a short climb to the top of Ben Dorrery for expansive views over the county of Caithness, from rolling farmlands to the east, rugged coastal headlands to the north and across the flow country towards Morven and Maiden Pap – a fantastic vantage point on a clear day, views can reach as far as Orkney.  Across the hilltop itself, the intrepid explorer can discover Oscar’s Fold, the local name given to a prehistoric hilltop enclosure that dominates the central peak of the hill of Ben Dorrery.  
  • Cycle/Hike to the village of Halkirk. Visit Halkirk Heritage & Vintage Motor Centre, Thurso – Museums | VisitScotland. Walk along the River Thurso and visit the scheduled monument of Braal Castle, thought to be constructed on the site of a Norse fort, once occupied by Harald ll of Orkney, Mormaer of Caithness, in the 11th century.  
  • Hike to Loch More – Discover ancient Brochs, Cairns and Castles steeped in lore and legend along the route. Caithness Adventure Map – Caithness Broch Project (

What to see and do 


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