Kildonan (Cill Donnain) Railway Station


There was a settlement at Kildonan from medieval times and before up to the Clearances between 1807 and 1820. Kildonan came to fame in 1869 with the Kildonan gold rush.  Gold panning is still possible in the stream at Baile an Òir [town of Gold], a 30-minute walk from Kildonan station.   

Passenger Information 

Kildonan is a request stop. There is a request-stop kiosk on the platform, allowing passengers to signal to an approaching train electronically.  

Details can be found on Scotrail’s website.

What to see and do 

Just under a mile from the station is Kildonan church (1786-88), with later additions around 1918. Built on the site of the medieval church of St Donan, belonging to Scone Abbey, the present church replaced a heather thatched “popish building” with Gothic windows and Clan Gunn Mortuary 

Gold panning in Kildonan Burn is permitted with a licence from the Suisgill Estate between 16th April and 30th September upstream from the stone bridge road at Baile an Or (grid ref. NC9116621371) up to the Kildonan Falls (grid ref. NC9115021637).  Permission details can be found here.

More details about Kildonan can be found here.


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