Invershin (Inbhir Sin) Railway Station


The nearest station to the Falls of Shin is 2.4 miles away.

Passenger Information 

Invershin is a request stop.

Details can be found on Scotrail’s website

Transport and walking routes in the local area 

In 2000, a footbridge was added to the northern side of the Oykel viaduct close to Invershin station.  This was part of National Cycle Network Route 1 before it was de-designated. 

What to see and do 

The walk from Invershin station to Culrain is 1km and takes you across the Oykel viaduct footbridge.  These are the two closest railway stations of any on the UK rail network. 


Next Stop -
Lairg (Luirg) Railway Station


Next Stop -
Culrain (Cùil Rathain) Railway Station

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